Dr. Katherine Y. Brown Leadership Academy Announces Inaugural Class 

Seven young women selected to launch the leadership program

Nashville, Tenn. (September 14, 2016) – Dr. Katherine Y. Brown Leadership Academy (the Leadership Academy), is soaring above the clouds, literally and figuratively. This week the Roberta Baines Wheeler Hypertension Awareness Group (RBW Group) announced the launch of its pilot program, the Leadership Academy, by facing personal challenges and exemplifying teamwork with a hot air balloon ride in Franklin, Tenn. 

The Leadership Academy focuses on four core modules that offer extensive leadership training and international civic engagement, in addition to service projects throughout the community. Seven young women from Davidson County were selected as the first of its class and include:

  • Sydney Y. K. Brown
  • Morgan Harvell
  • Ashley Mimms
  • Taylor Northington
  • Josephine Onyeme
  • Jewell Windrow
  • Ashlee Young

The Leadership Academy was developed by Dr. Katherine Y. Brown, founder and executive director of the RBW Group, to encourage, provide opportunities and teach young women in Middle Tennessee about the importance of developing leadership skills, giving back to the community and living a healthy life. The program begins in August and runs through May with graduation and new class inauguration in June.

For more information about or to support the Dr. Katherine Y. Brown Leadership Academy, please contact Dr. Katherine Y. Brown, kybleaders@gmail.com.

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